China, US ties ‘severely damaged’ by new report on defense policy

China has accused the US of fabricating facts in a report on the Asian nation’s defense policy, issuing a statement that Washington has sabotaged the relationship and trust between the countries. Initially the pentagon claimed that China had been assembling military personnel together with constructing military facilities at the islets and reefs, a bid to assert dominance over the contested waters of South China Sea. The annual report presented at Congress purported that China’s military has been employing a coercive approach to foster tensions with its neighboring countries, while still ensuring that does not snowball into outright conflict. China hit back with the Defense’s ministry spokesman mentioning that the Pentagon report had deliberately distorted China’s defense policies, while arguing that it is in-fact the US which has been flexing muscles by sending military warships/aircrafts into the region. Spokesman Yang Yujun also accused the U.S of initiating military activity in the South China Sea, which has some parts being claimed by Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, as well as China. The South China Sea is a crucial shipping route which is thought to contain vast energy deposits.


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