Permanent-Ban Policy in New York Public Housing under Review

The New York City Housing Authority has been practicing the permanent ban policy, in which individual tenants are banished from public housing due to their criminal activity. In case a banned tenant is found within an apartment in the complex, then the whole family could be evicted with authorization under the housing rules.

The agency is in the process of reviewing its policy. The housing administrators intend to make the banning process more transparent, with also a provision of a clear procedure to getting a ban negated. David Farber, the housing authority’s general counsel, mentions that the body still aims at expulsion of persons who pose a risk to the safety and security of the New York Public Housing community. Balancing public safety together with wishes of affected families has proved to be daunting issue for the housing authority hence engaging in measures such as collaboration with federal officers to make arrests. Nonetheless, critics of the ban approach have mentioned of its negative effects including dividing families and also fueling crime due to homelessness.


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