What is Public Policy?

It is hard to come up with an exact definition of public policy which everyone agrees on. Public policy is the principals of the public, that are usually unwritten, on which social laws are based on. However, there are a few main attributes to public policy that makes it what it is. It is made on behalf of the public, in response to issues or problems the public has. Policy is ultimately made by the government based on the public, in the form of a law, or regulation, or a set of laws that governs particular issue. These regulations can be anything relating to social matters such as religion, safety, and marriage. Public policies are never set to stone, they have no clear start and end, and they change based on the how the public changes. There are three general steps into creating a public policy: finding the problem, spreading the message and emplacing the policy. The problem is the issue that has to be addressed, and a group or an individual influences the government into forming a solution to the problem. Then the government finalizes a policy, which is what creates public policy.


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