Why do Public Policies Change?

Public policies change because the society changes, and what people think about certain topics change. People’s thoughts never remain the same, and they change over time. For example, long ago in America, segregation was not prohibited by the government because the majority of the citizens believed it was okay. As people’s thoughts on segregation changed, the policies changed accordingly. The same goes with religion. While in the past, certain religions were mandated by the government for the citizens to follow, with the discontent of these policies, they changed. And so the right to free religion was created, because it was what the public wanted. A more modern example of the change in public policy is same-sex marriage. Just in the last decade or so many people in America had a conservative view on homosexuals. But these views changed drastically over the few years, and so the policies on homosexuals were changed as well because the general public’s view changed.


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