White Rock politician seeks to improve public policies

With 40 years of elected office, Gordon Hogg has carefully studied both the benefits and shortcomings in the creation of public policy. He mentions that the creation of successful public policy has become more difficult in recent times, considering citizens are now becoming more isolated in an increasingly complex society. With his thesis, Creating Public policy in a Complex Society, Hogg assesses a wide range of public policy studies to reveal that the traditional, rational decision-making approach has failed. He advocates for a behavioral approach to public policy development, an approach that is guided by existing studies on neuroscience and the brain’s use of social contexts in decision-making. His study suggests an inter-sector approach, which demands greater collaboration among concerned parties on issues. He proposes that the approach should serve a standard methodology in the development and implementation of public policy. The approach can not only result in better decision-making and policies, but also a great sense of satisfaction to citizens who are involved.


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