Affordable housing in America; a salient aspect in tackling poverty

Without a doubt, the rising cost of housing in U.S cities such as New York and San Francisco has indicated an affordable housing crisis growing in almost every state within the union. More than two in four renter families across the nation currently spend a significant half of their income on housing rent, a shocking statistic that has seen the numbers increase from 7.5 million to 11.4 million since 2001. Within the public policy domain, affordable housing is seldom mentioned as a nationwide priority that it is, as housing is appearing to be the largest monthly expense. This has to change. Harvard sociologist Matthew Desmond’s new book titled “Evicted”, documents a powerful case proposing stable affordable housing as the central and salient means of breaking the intergenerational poverty cycle and creating opportunities. To increase opportunities in America, Desmond advocates for revival of affordable homes to in turn result in economic, health and education benefits. In addition, he mentions of housing as a “vaccine” in that a stable home will literally ensure children are healthy.


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