Queensland’s Lockout Laws Represent Awful Public Policy

Queensland administrators have introduced new drinking laws that aim to curb insecurity in the nightlife domain. Currently, venues do not serve alcoholic beverages past to 2 am. In September, lockout laws will take effect, whereby entry of drinking venues after 1 am will be negated. The above initiatives are attributed to Cole Miller’s death, an eighteen year old who was slain at Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. The attack oversaw renewed calls to implement lockout laws as a strategy to prevent such attacks. Many might see these changes as a positive direction. Nonetheless, the public needs to be informed that lockout laws do not offer long term solutions to alcohol related violence.

In fact, little evidence exists to show that indeed lockout laws work. In 2014, a report from the Australian Institute of Criminology concluded that such laws result in uncertain results. Also, the implementation of the lockout laws at Melbourne in 2008 resulted in an increase of violent attacks between midnight and 4 am. This prompted the ditching of the legislation a few months later. Instead, expert recommended policy measure were introduced, which included responsible service of alcohol in venues, boosting of the transport domain to cater for late night services and increase of police presence at busy areas.


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