Taking Public Policy Online Gives Canadians a New Voice in Politics

The public policy domain in Canada has witnessed a transformative addition that should be celebrated and emulated across the globe. The Canadian administration has overseen digitization of its public policy to accommodate e-petitions in Parliament. Internet users have been granted the ability to create online petitions on almost any issue, and, provided the petition falls under the specified requirements, then government is obliged to respond. The Canadian government is also utilizing the web platform for online consultations. Web users can now provide valuable input to major policy elements, like for example immigration, defense, energy, innovation, accessibility for the disabled, marijuana legalization, environmental regulatory frameworks and official languages. Under the new Liberal’s party leadership, Canada’s federal government has relatively invested heavily in both digital infrastructure and staffing. With a basis on how multi-nationals engage customers in managing issues and building loyalty, Canadian administrators likewise seek to listen to and engage voters in solving issues, developing policy and building loyalty within the state.


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