Reinvigorating Economic Competition via Entrepreneurship and Public Policy

The Kaufman Foundation, a Missouri based non-profit franchise supporting research on innovation and entrepreneurship, recently published a policy report entitled “A Fair Fight: Entrepreneurship and Competition Policy.The report has a number of key policy recommendations that could come in handy reinvigorating economic competition within the US.

The first recommendation emphasizes on entrepreneurial entry and labor markets. Kaufman suggests negating of the various aspects of non-compete agreements, which include the duration, scope, location and eligibility. The aforementioned agreements have limited startups which compete with their former employers due to the bureaucracies in terms of blocks or delays in opening. Further, Kaufman suggests that professional licensing boards should consider more registration of non-licensed specialists, while increasing direct avenues where they can be accountable to elected officials. Kaufman also recommends a profession environment characterized by great numbers of public interest members, which would in turn increase advantages to consumers rather than to the regulated profession itself.


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