Climate Change Divide Bursts to Forefront in Presidential Campaign

During the 2012 US presidential race, President Obama and Republican opponent Mitt Romney rarely discussed issues of climate change during the debates. Issues of oil and gas production dominated the election talk back then. But this year, the topic is taking a relatively prominent role, with Hillary Clinton thrusting climate change among the forefronts of her campaign.

In her recent speeches, Mrs. Clinton has clearly outlined ways in which she intends to negate global emissions. At the Democratic National Convention, her husband former President Bill Clinton, praised her for incorporating the issue in her foreign policy approach. Senator Bernie Sanders, her main rival in the primaries, even further emphasized on the topic, saying that the current election was mainly about climate change. Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been mocking the scientific study of human-caused climate change, dismissing the emission negation domain as a triumph of extremism over common doing.

The Democratic and Republican positions on the issue seem to be significantly different, an interesting factor considering both parties had similar climate change ideals in the 2008 election.


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