Eliminating Nuclear Weapons is Only Rational Public Policy

Jerry Large, a columnist for the Seattle Times, recently highlighted the grave concern on the issue of nuclear arms. He noted that it was indeed a worldwide disgrace that public awareness on the total number of nuclear arsenals remained limited. Currently, there are reportedly fifteen thousand nuclear weapons stored in nine countries, with a third of them residing in a U.S cache 20 miles from Seattle. Further, both the U.S and Russia have been keeping their nuclear weapons on trigger alert in case of attacks; this being a remnant of the Cold War. Relations between the two superpowers have been plagued by provocative actions, and therefore the risk is not theoretical anymore.

Even worse, the globe is witnessing a renewed international nuclear-arms race, as U.S administrators are already calling for a “modernization” of their entire nuclear arsenal that includes bombers and submarines. The incentive would cost a whooping one trillion dollars over the next thirty years. When we consider the human annihilation concern, it is evident that proposals for re-development of nuclear arms should be scrapped from Congress; elimination of such weapons from the globe should be a directive at the forefront of U.S public policy matters.


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