York College’s New Public Policy Institute to Debut in 2017

university-105709_640.jpgThe summer of 2017 will see York College students working with public policy proponents in assessing local policies and contributing to the New York community via the opening of a public policy institution. Grants from Arthur J. and Lee R. Foundation will facilitate its initiation, with the Department of Political Science and the Center for Community Engagement providing a joint curriculum for the course. The motive of starting the facility is to enhance student knowledge on local legislative processes while encouraging more democratic participation within the surrounding community. Delli Carpini, Dean at the Center of Community Engagement, mentions that the program seeks to heavily engage the community to in turn ensure all policy efforts eventually help New York City, York County and the surroundings in general. To accommodate the above approach, his team aims at utilizing community focus groups in discussions/forums for research projects. Students will get a chance to review current policies and legislation, while making accurate predictions on effects of proposed policies or proposed changes in the domain (Hupe, P. L. & Hill, M. J., 2016).


In Hupe, P. L., & In Hill, M. J. (2016). Public policy.


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