Trump Outlines his Immigration Plans

Image result for Trump outlines his immigration plansWhite House hopeful Donald Trump has spelled out a harsh anti-immigration warning following a recent visit to Mexico, detailing that persons crossing into U.S borders illegally would never obtain legal status. The ideal was among a series of stark declarations that framed a sweeping policy to crack down on illegal immigration, after employing a more measured tone in his private discussions with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. At a rowdy crowd in Phoenix, Trump declared that he would break the cycle of amnesty and illegal immigration.

Immigration policy is one of Trump’s signature concerns while he battles for presidency, and so he laid out a stark 10 point plan to eliminate illegal border crossing and unwanted behavior by undocumented persons in the nation. The fiery speech confirmed Trump’s hard stance on the issue, shortly after insisting to Pena Nieto that if he won, he would build a giant wall across the US-Mexico border. The candidate’s plan includes the deportation of migrants with criminal records plus the cancellation of Obama’s directives wherein millions of undocumented migrants are protected and catered for by some federal funding. Mrs. Clinton on the other hand has expressed support for strategies that offer citizenship to America’s undocumented.



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