US Moves to Control Use of Self-Driving Vehicles

Image result for US moves to control use of self-driving vehiclesThe United States recently unveiled a sweeping new regulatory structure for the unexpectedly rapid utilization of self-driving automobile technology, days after Uber broke ground with the first driverless cabs. US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx mentioned that the federal government intends to set safety principles to govern use of cars in which no humans are involved in driving. The regulations will also extend to advanced driver assistance systems, like the ones in Teslas, where the car can handle significant levels of driving while the driver stays at the wheel. Foxx asserted that the government intends to collaboratively work with automobile tech developers like Uber and Alphabet in establishing a proper framework.

Points within which the driverless vehicles/highly automated cars will be judges include:

The vehicles perception and response/alert capabilities.

How the cars will handle/manage cases of technical failures.

How the automobile will handle conflict dilemmas on the road.

Data recording and information sharing capabilities.

User privacy.

Security from hacking/cyber threat.



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