Implications of China’s Two Child Policy

Image result for Implications of China’s two child policyFor the past few decades, China has been plagued by deep demographic concerns, thanks to the strict single child policy introduced in 1979 at the end of Mao Zedong Era. Theresa Hesketh, a researcher at the University of London, assesses the introduction of the two child policy, outlining possible implications on the country’s population.

She mentions that new rule will without doubt allow people to have their desired number of children, an occurrence that could assist in addressing the country’s skewed sex ratio. Furthermore, it could also help reduce the rates of abortion while negating issues of unregistered children. She nonetheless asserts that the move might not provide the much sought after population boost in the short-term. She notes that any potential benefits to the nation’s shrinking workforce and ageing population could be felt after at least two decades. China’s workforce is on track to decline by as much as twenty three percent by 2050.



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