Africa Unsure of How Post-Obama Administration Will Treat Agoa

Image result for Africa unsure of how post-Obama administration will treat AgoaAfrica has barely been mentioned by either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump during their respective campaigns. The silence extends to the African Growth and Opportunity Act, which facilitates US duty free exportation of goods in 38 eligible sub-Sahara countries. Since its launch, Agoa has not driven industrial development in Africa as anticipated, nonetheless it has served as a catalyst for increased textile production plus an associated job growth in the region. Congress recently approved a ten year extension of Agoa with strong support from major party members.

Trade deals, which are being viewed as detrimental to US economic interests, have nonetheless emerged in the race to the White House. Trump has been assertive in condemning such incentives, and the resonance of his ideal has forced the Democratic aspirant to take a similar stance. Both

candidates expressed opposition to trade schemes favoring exporters in the developing world, raising the question whether the next White House occupant would want to undo/sabotage Agoa. Stephen Lande, head of a Washington consulting firm focusing on Africa trade, says there is little danger of the initiative being scaled back, though he noted that Clinton could adopt a cautious approach to it.



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