Turkish Bill to Clear Men of Statutory Rape

Image result for Turkish bill to clear men of statutory rapeTurkish MPs are preliminarily supporting a bill that will oversee men accused of rape to be cleared if they marry the victim; the law will however pardon those who did the act without “threat or force”. The move has already drawn criticism, as it seems like a leeway to child marriage, plus it could also let convicted persons walk away scot-free. In the past decade, Turkey has been witnessing a surge in violence against women, with half of the total population size reporting physical abuse.

The new rule was approved Last Friday evening after being tabled in Parliament by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling AKP party. This week, the bill will be brought to the house for a second time, after which final votes will be cast on it.

The ruling is a without doubt a highly debatable issue that has caused the Turks to take sides purely on secular versus conservative grounds. The government nonetheless asserts that the main motive is to rehabilitate unlawful acts with regard to women, plus also prevent feelings of ostracism in the community, especially for defiled underage girls.




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