Four Major Cities to Ban Diesel Vehicles by 2025

Image result for Four major cities to ban diesel vehicles by 2025Four major global cities have decided to discontinue the use of diesel powered automobiles by the middle of the next decade. Administrators in Madrid, Athens, Mexico city and Paris have mentioned the main motive behind the undertaking, which is the improvement of air quality. Furthermore, they will provide incentives to advocate for walking, cycling and alternative vehicle use. The above mentioned commitments were unveiled at a biennial conference of city leaders in Mexico.

Diesel powered transportation has in recent times been criticized due to its ever-increasing dire impacts on the environment. Statistics from the World Health Organization indicate that around three million deaths every year are attributed to air pollution exposure.

Diesel engines contribute to the concern via the production of Nitrogen Oxide compounds and particulate matter/soot (PM). Very fine soot (PM) can get into the lungs, further acting as a catalyst to cardiovascular diseases. Nitrogen oxide compounds on the other hand facilitate the formation of ground level ozone, which in turn brings about breathing difficulties, even for those without a history of respiratory issues. Environmental based corporations across the globe are therefore calling for the enactment of clear air regulations/standards by the legislative frameworks.


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