British Values Oath Proposed for Public Office Holders

Image result for British values oath proposed for public office holdersCommunities Secretary Sajid Javid is advocating for the swearing of British values’ conforming oath by civil servants and other public office personnel. Mr Javid, while addressing Sunday Times last week, mentioned that persons could not enact a “positive role” in the public domain without acceptance of basic principles. The calling follows a report by Dame Louise Casey which cautioned against the increasing ethnic segregation. The account further noted that some sections of the society were failing to adhere to salient British standards such as tolerance.

The above mentioned proposal will require new recruits in the public field, including civil servants, councilors and school administrators, to commit to the oath, by reading it out aloud before engaging in their roles. This may extend to employees in the BBC and the NHS. The new oath could constitute a belief in democracy, equality, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from abuse, respect for the law, as well the tolerance of disagreeable views from others.



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