EU Data Retention Ruling Goes Against UK Government

Image result for EU data retention ruling goes against UK governmentThe UK administration has in a press statement mentioned it is “discontented” with the European Court of Justice discarding of the state’s “indiscriminate” gathering of information. Judges from the EU Chambers mentioned that communications data could only be withheld in scenarios involving serious crime. The verdict follows a legal challenge on UK’s surveillance laws. The calling was initiated with support from Brexit Secretary David Davis, who at the time was a backbench Conservative MP. The Liberal Democrats leader said the ruling served as an indicator of how the government had gone overboard with its Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act. With critics dubbing it as the “snoopers’ charter,” the legislation demanded a 12 month data retention undertaking by communication organizations.

The ECJ views the approach as a breach to EU law, asserting it can only take place in specific situations or for the sole reason of combating dire/terrorist related atrocities. The case will now head back to the UK Court of Appeal, which had enlisted the ECJ for clarification purposes.



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