Obama Set For Clemency Frenzy as he Vacates Office

A list of persons including drug traffickers, a Rastafarian prophet and a former Taliban captive will have their names submitted to Barack Obama, for the sole reason of pardoning/clemency before he leaves office. Some former US presidents have employed this power in a pointed way prior to cessation of their terms. Bill Clinton for instance acquitted late fugitive trader Marc Rich, whose ex-wife had been a major donor to Democrats.

Obama is now faced with the dilemma of granting commutations to persons who are viewed to have been unjustly sentenced. Among them is Edward Snowden, a convict jailed for revealing the US surveillance frameworks. Various celebrities as well as Amnesty International have all expressed their advocacies towards the 33 year old. His supporters assert that he might face the death penalty under Trump’s administration if Obama fails to consider his pardon. In an almost similar case, Chelsea Manning is serving a thirty five year sentence for collaborating with WikiLeaks in the revelation of sensitive military info. Activists are regarding her jail term as excessive, calling for leniency on the transgender soldier who has survived two suicide attempts.




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