Give Robots ‘Personhood’ Status, EU Committee Argues

The European legislature is calling for the outlining a set of principles to supervise the development and use of AI based robots. This preliminary version will also entail a form of “personification” to guarantee responsibility on these advanced devices. The parliament’s legal affairs committee voted for the enactment of the aforementioned approach, and outlined a possible regulatory structure in a report. The account’s author, Mady Delvaux, noted that robots have transcended to play various roles in human life; and therefore, it’s only right to put a sturdy legal framework in place to ensure they serve as for the decades to come. He further added that the laws will warrant court cases for manufacturing franchises in case of robot misconduct, appearing before the judges as either plaintiffs or respondents.

The report has established key sectors that require EU supervision. They include:

Establishing a European agency to oversee registration of AI robotics

A recommendable custom decorum to guide engineers in robot creation and production

A reporting platform to assess AI robotics’ contribution (in terms of savings) to a firms operations; an approach that will in turn guide taxation.



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