Donald Trump: ‘We Will Build Mexico Border Wall’

Donald Trump has mentioned of an imminent national security announcement/presentation, wherein the construction schedule of the border wall between US and Mexico will be unveiled. The American President elect will also authorize various legislative measures on immigrant and border safeguarding concerns in the coming days. They may entail severe investigations/scrutiny on persons coming from Muslim dominated nations across Africa and the Middle East. Human Rights proponents have mentioned the approach could prove quite detrimental particularly to the asylum seeking refugees.

Mr. Trump disclosed the border wall initiative during his campaign, giving a cost estimate of around eight billion dollars while also saying it would be funded by the Mexican administration. He later revealed that US would reimburse the incurred expenses at a later date. Senior officials in Mexico have however asserted they won’t designate any funds to the project.

Mr. Trump also intends to initiate deportation programs in sanctuary cities where illegal refugees are often not arrested/detained.




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