Trump Executive Order: US Judge Temporarily Halts Deportations

A US judge has enacted a suspension on the banishment of visa holders and migrants who remain grounded at the airports following President Trump’s order; which prohibits their entry for 90 days. The American Civil Liberties Union had already filed a lawsuit in a bid to retaliate the order issued last week on Friday. Around two hundred persons are stranded in the air transport facilities. Thousands have “gone on a rampage” calling for an end to Mr. Trump’s suppression on immigrants. His authoritative command has brought a temporary halt to the US refugee program, while also effectuating a ninety day ban for persons arriving from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia. Even worse, the approach appears to be plaguing those with valid US visas and refugee permits.

A Syrian scientist, currently residing in Germany and embarking on a collaborative project with American colleagues on skin cancer research, mentions that the injustice is utterly demeaning considering her intended field trip to Philadelphia this coming February has now been shattered.




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