Mozambique Peace Talks to Resume Without Foreign Mediation, President Says

Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi has mentioned that he will oversee a new round of mediation talks between his administration and the Renamo rebels without international intervention. A low level conflict in the region had warranted conciliation from EU personnel from July last year, but they ultimately left in December without securing an agreement. Nyusi commended the international mediation efforts saying that they had assisted in “bringing closer the positions of the state and the Renamo.” He also pointed out it was indeed important that some of the foreign mediators remain, to be readily available in future cases/scenarios needing their participation.

Nyusi further revealed that he had a “cordial interaction” with rebel leader Afonso Dhlakama, asserting that they would both continue negotiations with regard to decentralization. He said he would soon unveil the next phase in the discussions. Dhlakama confirmed plans to resume talks between the two sides which have been waging a ravaging sixteen year civil war that caused loss of life to more than a million persons.



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