US Shows no Sign of Somali Policy Change After Poll

In a Feb 10th press statement, the US administration conveyed support for the recently inaugurated Somali president. Nevertheless, political analysts were quick to ascertain that the report gave no indication of a shift in US policy under Donald Trump. Acting spokesman Mark Toner issued the written account in a positive tone, in a similar fashion to what Obama’s government did when commenting on Somalia. The dispatch pointed out that the US would corroborate good governance in the East African nation, particularly via initiatives such as advanced reconciliation, famine relief, increased security, plus the development of strong institutions. It however expressed disappointment over allegations of irregularity in the electoral procedures, and called for a review on the country’s electoral organization before the forthcoming 2020 polls.

The response did not entail any implication that America would cease its role on the war against Al Shabaab militia. It appears that the AMISOM and state forces fighting the terrorists will continue receiving US funding, which is so far estimated at a ten dollar figure over the last ten years.




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