Domestic Violence: Theresa May to Oversee New Law

Theresa May has in a press statement mentioned she will play a direct role in the drafting of a law that seeks to combat domestic violence. Public policy analysts have pointed out that the move could be

arising from a slight victim protection incompetence of the current legal framework. Mrs. May herself has been quoted saying that dealing with the menace is without doubt a “salient priority” for her administration. During her vocation as home secretary, she enacted protection orders on victims, and also introduced charges on previously unpunishable coercive behaviors.

Legal proceedings against the aforementioned savage act have surged in recent years. The Prime Minister has commended the scenario, asserting she will do everything within her means to provide a system that further increases prosecution and ultimately performs better for the victims. She also notes that thousands are being plagued at the hands of abusers without knowledge of the supportive structures available to get them out of the situation. In addressing this concern, Theresa advocates for mass awareness programs as key approaches that could also contribute in negating the marriage related atrocity.




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