Trump Urged to Back up Claims his Phones Were Tapped by Obama

In a series of tweets, US President Donald Trump recently accused his predecessor Barack Obama of tapping some of his phone conversations during last year’s roller coaster campaign. Senator Ben Sasse has since asked Trump to submit substantial evidence to accompany the allegation. The Republican leader has not provided the nitty gritty of how the occurrence came about. Obama’s spokesman on the other hand has asserted that the retired president “did not on a single moment orchestrate surveillance on any US citizen.

Trump’s rage appeared to be stemming from reports that the Obama administration sought and eventually got the go-ahead to eavesdrop Trump’s campaign proceedings. Dispatches from Conservative Talk radio further detailed that the FBI could have done so in a bid to uncover suspected contacts with Russian administrators. The accounts also pointed out that the foreign intelligence surveillance court (Fisa) may have first rejected the proposal, and then later authorized it in October last year.



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