Poland May Block EU Boss’s New Term

Poland’s Prime Minister Beata Szydio last week mentioned that the re-election of Donald Tusk as the EU President was not going to happen without Poland’s consent. She said so while heading to the Brussels summit, an occasion that sought to unravel new unifying strategies following Britain’s Brexit vote.

The Polish administration seemed as if it was veering off the proceeding’s main theme, as it threatened to restrain the re-election of Mr. Tusk, a former Polish chief minister whose been accused of interfering with domestic politics.

German Chancellor on the other hand reprimanded the opinion, asserting that Mr. Tusk was the most favorable candidate who would guarantee the much needed stability amidst a range of chaotic scenarios including the migrant crisis, Brexit, and a more aggressive Russia.

Europe’s diplomats had pointed out that Poland did not have any constitutional rights to reject the proposal, and that the re-election would be valid if 21 of the 28 member states voted for it.




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