Tensions Show as Trump and Merkel Meet For the First Time

The arrant disagreements between US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on global issues were fully manifested when the pair met for the first time at a White House convention. In a joint press conference entailing frequent awkward moments, Trump and Merkel exhibited stark differences while addressing problematic worldly concerns including trade, immigration and defense spending. Merkel seemed to be stone faced for almost the entire period, as Trump on the other hand called for reciprocal trade deals while also reprimanding NATO allies for not playing their role in transatlantic defense strategies. Undoubtedly, an easy rapport between the two head of states was out of the question.

During Barack Obama’s tenure, political analysts regarded Merkel as the predecessor’s closest international partner due to the similar views and governing approaches they shared.

Prior to January’s presidential inauguration, Trump was the first to establish a somber mood when he castigated Merkel’s acceptance of refugees, dubbing the move as a “catastrophic mistake that would rumple Germany.”




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