US and UK Laptop Bans on Some Middle East Flights Come Into Effect

Flights to UK and the US from some Middle East and North African nations are now overseeing travelers carry their laptops and tablets in hold due to the risk they pose when being transported within cabin luggage. Officials from the two regions have asserted that the approach applies for gadgets bigger than a smartphone, specifically because these devices have the capability of storing explosives.

President Recep Endorgan, whose country falls victim to directive, has called for an urgent lift on the bans by the US and UK administrations. The American Division for Homeland Security has on the other hand cited recent assaults on airliners and airports as the key motive behind the instruction.

Security specialists from Europe will hold a meeting next week to scrutinize the UK and US bans, the Guardian newspaper reports.

Aviation experts have mentioned that the take could prove quite detrimental to airline revenues considering it may yield a decrease in passenger numbers while plaguing customer satisfaction.




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