China Uighurs: Xinjiang Ban on Long Beards and Veils

China has enacted new measures in Xinjiang’s western region in a bid to negate Muslim extremism. The constraints forbid excessively long beards, the dressing of veils in public zones, plus the lack of watching state television. The Uighurs, an ancient Islamic population that primarily resides in Xinjiang, are regarding the move as a discriminating approach against them. The area has in recent times witnessed dire atrocities. The Chinese administration have been reprimanding the Islamist militia inhabitants as the orchestrators of the violence. Human rights organizations on the other hand have pointed out that the clashes could be resulting from the oppressive policies, and that the new rules might act as catalysts to more extremism within the Uighur group.

The recently unveiled laws further demand children attendance in govt. institutions, an adherence to family planning policies, while also prohibiting courtship/marriage under strictly religious procedures. It is salient to note that authorities in China have in the past legislated repressive impositions, like for example the restraining of passport issuance to Uighurs.




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