North Korea Missiles: US Warships Deployed to Korean Peninsula

As Pyongyang’s missile program continues to be a global threat, the US administration has now opted to take precaution by sending navy strike group to the Korean Peninsula. The deployed artillery constitutes an aircraft carrier and other warships. The US Pacific Command has been quoted saying that the move is without doubt a necessary measure to ensure the region is on a standby in case of any wrongdoing. President Donald Trump has also mentioned that US has the capability of solely dealing with the threat.

What is being deployed?

One of the strike group’s constituents is the USS Carl Vinson carrier which harbors two missile destroyers capable of intercepting ballistic weapons.

What is the context?

Having conducted a few nuclear tests, North Korea is currently working on a warhead that can breach intercontinental boundaries. It has recently defended its actions by pointing out to the collaborative military expedition between S. Korea and the US, dubbing the undertaking as “an antecedent of an invasion.”



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