Morocco and Algeria Row Over Refugees

Morocco has recently castigated Algeria after the latter expelled fifty five Syrian refugees across the nations’ shared boundaries. The former dubbed the move as an inhumane act, with the rift being the latest between North African rival states. In a press statement, Morocco’s interior division noted that the victims were dispatched across the frontier close to the desert city Figuig. They arrived at the terrain unfriendly region in groups before being confronted by Algerian border personnel under the soaring sun.

Moroccan administrators have since expressed disapproval on how the immigrants were treated, considering they constituted women and children at a very vulnerable state. They asserted that the expulsion was a breach to the conventional principles of favorable neighborliness advocated by Morocco. Reports from human rights organizations in the region have mentioned that the Syrians’ fate remains uncertain since they’ve been denied entry to Moroccan territory, without access to basic amenities including food and water.



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