Turkish Authorities Block Wikipedia Without Giving Reason

Over the weekend, Turkey’s natives were undoubtedly stunned following the discovery that access to Wikipedia had been blocked by the ruling administration. Officials pointed out that it was an “administrative move,” without revealing the main motive behind it. Reports from media have indicated that the state had initially asked Wikipedia to discard terror supporting content on its web platform, and after realizing that there was no follow up on the issue, it was left with no choice but to impose the ban. It is salient to note that the situation above is not the first-of-its-kind: Turkey has in the past blocked social media sites as a response measure to demonstrations or terror atrocities.

Critics are regarding the prohibition as an approach aimed at negating reprimands on President Erdogan’s rule. Wikipedia’s page on Turkey’s referendum bears a portion on “electoral misconduct” which implies that the government possibly rigged the votes and suppressed the NO campaign. This might be one of the reasons why the corporation was targeted.




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