US Plane Intercepted Correctly, says China

China has refuted claims that its two fighter planes intercepted an American military aircraft in an unconventional manner mid last week. In a press statement, a delegate from the Chinese Defense Ministry dubbed the accusations from US side as “allegations incoherent with facts.” The representative provided the nitty gritty behind the standpoint, detailing that a US reconnaissance plane was conducting an operation in the airspace above the Chinese Yellow Sea (the northern portion of East China Sea) when mainland administrators took the initiative to unravel what was happening; thereby deploying two Chinese planes.

The US Air Force has on the other hand asserted that its plane (WC-135 Constant Phoenix) was on a routine surveillance expedition in international airspace when it was intercepted unprofessionally. The division is still looking into the matter.

The WC-135 has been dubbed as a “sniffer” feat due to its capability of identifying signals of nuclear activity within the atmosphere.



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