Cosatu Bans Zuma From its Meetings

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) has firmly decided that the country’s incumbent president will no longer have a voice on its signature gatherings. The association revealed that the decision was arrived at following an administration convention. Bheki Ntshalintshali, the secretary general of the union, mentioned that the ANC would be soon notified on the move, together with the relative repercussions on the alliance as a whole.
At the beginning of the month, attendants of a Cosato May Day rally in Bloemfontein openly castigated Mr. Jacob Zuma. Heckles and jeers accompanied his arrival at the Workers Day occasion, warranting the revocation of all scheduled speeches meant for that day. Employees could not hide their frustration, which was also extended to Cosato president S’dumo Diamini when he attempted to calm down the situation. Further, a delegate from ANC tried to address the crowd, but the effort was rather futile.
A number of organizations including the South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) had initially reprimanded Zuma’s invitation.


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