Qatar row: Six Countries Cut Links with Doha

Six Arabic nations including the United Arab Emirates and Yemen have put an end to diplomatic links with Qatar, alleging that the latter is yielding turmoil across the Middle-East-North-Africa region. They’ve mentioned of Doha supporting extremist factions including those allied to the Daesh and Al-Qaeda, accusations that Qatar has categorically denied. A press statement from the Saudi administration details that Qatar has been corroborating militant expeditions in the war-torn areas of Qatif and Bahrain.
The move has so far warranted Saudi Arabia to seal its borders on a portion of the Eastern side, therefore impeding land, sea, and air contact with the minute peninsula of the oil-rich country. And even worse, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain have given all Qatari tourists and natives a two-week deadline to vacate their territory.
Political analysts are regarding the unprecedented occurrence as a major split between Gulf Powerhouses who have close ties to the US. The dire situation is also happening while there’s increased tension between the subject states and their near-neighbor Iran. The area remains unstable and volatile with great cause for concern.


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