France’s President to Slash MP Numbers by a Third in Shake-Up

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron asserted that he would oversee a profound transformation in the country’s political domain. He said the take would begin by reducing MP posts by a third of the current total, and would resort to a referendum in case lawmakers were not in tune with the proposal. While addressing delegates of the National Assembly and Senate for the first time, Macron mentioned he would strive to restore France’s “conquering spirit.” The 39-year-old leader attributed his approach to the country’s continual and prevalent preference to the norm procedures, rules, and wealth inheritance expeditions, instead of taking the initiative to achieve desired results and ultimately yield a just society.
Details on the reforming scheme emerged a few days after the address. Besides reducing the number of seats in both houses, Macron also wants to enact a framework guaranteeing proportionate representation in the electoral system. On security domain, he says plans are underway to put an end to the state of emergency decree which has been active since the November 2015 jihadist attacks.
It is salient to note that the centrist ex-bankers take on bringing together both houses in one convention have drawn criticism, particularly because of it’ something that happens rarely, and yet he wants to make it an annual fixture.


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