Poland Court Reforms: EU Says it is Launching Legal Action


The European Commission has in a recent press statement asserted it would initiate legal action against Poland over a proposed scheme that will provide politicians more authority to appoint and sack judges. It mentioned Poland would be deprived of its EU voting rights if it enacted the proposition which features a controversial ruling that might force all supreme-court judges into retirement.
Poland’s president has already disallowed two of most radical bills, but it appears the ruling administration is still striving to impose them despite mass street demonstrations.
The Commission’s vice president Frans Timmermans mentioned that the reforms would severely plague proceedings of the self-governing Polish judiciary. He advocated for President Andrzej Duda’s approach that axed some of the laws, including the one that sought to overhaul the Supreme Court.
Stripping Poland of its voting rights as a retaliatory measure would require support from all EU member states, and it now seems highly unlikely since Hungary is siding with the subject country. BBC’s Warsaw representative Adam Easton says a more optimal approach for the current phase would be the EU court of justice threatening hefty fines.
Poland’s government officials, on the other hand, seem to have taken a hard stance on the issue, pointing out that they will press on with the reforms despite pressure from outside bodies.


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