Climate Change: Trump Says US ‘Could Conceivably’ Rejoin Paris Deal

President Donald Trump has mentioned the US might ‘conceivably’ return to the 2015 Paris accord, but only if the deal is reconfigured to place America in a relatively fair position.

He echoed the same sentiments when he announced the US withdrawal last June. However, Trump insisted he had no issue with the accord itself.

If the pull-out stands, then the US will in effect be the only country not featuring in the treaty. The announcement on the same has since garnered widespread anger, with some castigators regarding the move as an abdication of US leadership on a salient global concern.

The agreement wants all countries to commit themselves to collectively capping the rise of global temperatures below 2 degrees.

In a related development within the week, New York City has unveiled a five-year scheme to sell off a ten-figure dollar sum in fossil fuel from its public pension funds. City administrators have also pressed charges against five oil corporations, seeking compensation for contributions to global warming.

It’s important to note that President Trump has in the past asserted the Paris accord would take away the country’s competitive edge, probably the motive behind not partaking in it. Environmental specialists have on the other hand mentioned the US withdrawal altogether will present an enormous hurdle in attaining the set goals.



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