China Denies Report That it Spied on AU

China’s ambassador to the AU has recently refuted claims by French newspaper Le Monde alleging that the mainland had been spying on the organization. The related written account mentioned that IT specialists at the body’s headquarters unraveled a malicious scheme wherein data from their computers was copied to servers in Shanghai. But Chinese envoy Kuang Weilin has come out guns blazing asserting the allegations are outright preposterous and absurd. He’s also mentioned that the claim won’t in anyway strain the relationship between China and Africa, though it will most likely tarnish the newspaper’s image.

Details on the vice surfacing on the publication were quite staggering. Le Monde says AU servers were replaced with its IT frameworks re-configured as soon as the copying was discovered. The corporation further alleges that Ethiopia’s cybersecurity specialists unearthed a network of concealed microphones in the headquarters’ desks and walls. But with all this perceived turmoil, it is salient to note that China remains a major trading partner to African states and is also at the forefront of the continent’s development agenda, regularly offering low-interest loans to fund infrastructure projects.

Meanwhile, newly elected AU chairperson Paul Kagame has at the recent AU summit called for youth empowerment amongst member states, while also pointing out that the native young men and women have “a full role to play.”



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