President Trump Slammed for his Child Detention Policy

For President Donald Trump, the promise to make America great again seems to concentrate on the ‘dreamers.’ The tip of the iceberg was, however, the separation of immigrant children from their parents and their detainment in concentration camps. This act initiated by President Trump has raised various reactions from Americans.

President Trump in ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program exposed a huge number of immigrants that had lived in America for years to deportation. The ‘dreamers’ were immigrants that were protected under the aforementioned program. The immigrants have not only lived in America for years but they have also started families and businesses contributing to the American economy.

Two lobbying business groups are strongly appealing to President Trump to cease separating children from their parents. The U.S Chamber of Commerce expressed its disappointment in the administration for the events that are occurring. The claim from the Chamber of Commerce it is not the American way to separate young minors from their parents and guardians. The Business Roundtable viewed the act as being cruel and contrary to the American values.

It is also of strong belief that the separation of children from their parents at the border is to act as a way of leveraging U.S Congress to implement other immigration laws. It is unclear what President Trump’s expected outcome is in all this. The one thing that most Americans seem to believe in is that whatever he is doing is wrong; Children should not be separated from their parents.





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