China’s state media recently unveiled a new naval base in Djibouti in what was prevalently seen as a major stepping stone towards the mainland’s expansion of its military presence abroad. A report from Xinhua news agency detailed the facility’s opening took the form of a flag-raising ceremony attended by Chinese military personnel, officials, and guests. […]

Oxford Academics Involved in Google’s Push to Influence Public Policy

A new account of the Campaign for Accountability (CFA) indicates that Google has been financially supporting (thereby influencing) research studies conducted by academics and policy experts. The report details that the tech giant has funded 329 papers since 2005. Additionally, the papers were found to be addressing salient public policy fields where alterations in regulation […]

Nakumatt Fights to Stay Afloat in Rent Arrears

The problems plaguing retail supermarket chain Nakumatt have deepened following an asset seizing operation by one of its creditors, Thika Road Mall (TRM), all in a bid to recover a six-figure dollar sum in rent arrears. TRM, in conjunction with Moran Auctioneers, has taken possession of various goods and equipment belonging to the supermarket. These […]

Brexit Still Puzzling Britain

A year since Britain voted to depart the EU, the exit strategies have just commenced, and Europe’s leaders are hoping that the take does not come to fruition. On June 23, 2016, Britain’s natives voted for the cessation of a cross-channel union that had been active for four decades. The scenario toppled David Cameron’s regime […]