Public Policy Concerns Affecting Pharmacists

It is essential for pharmacists to always stay informed about the regulatory and legislative issues that touch on their practice whether directly or indirectly. In a recent presentation carried out by some members of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), key public policy issues related to pharmacy were addressed. The first is provider status […]


Public policies are principles formed by the government that concerns the society at large. Several factors affect a community. That brings the need to come up with the public policies. The government comes up with the ordinary matters affecting the public and discuss it. Several steps are taken in making system. The administration is formed, […]

The FARM Bill (And Why It’s a Disaster)

Millions of Americans every day rely on a form of welfare called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP), more frequently referred to as Food Stamps. When on the program, people get an assistance fund that allows them to purchase food. It is typically designed for low-income and poverty-level families, as well as those who have […]

Public Policy and the Mental Health Issue

In 2016, about 10.4 million adult persons in the US had a serious mental illness. This issue has frequented the spotlight in the last couple of years, in large part because of the frequent attribution of gun-related crimes to mental health problems. However, more than just being the suspected cause for gun-related violence, mental health […]