China Denies Report That it Spied on AU

China’s ambassador to the AU has recently refuted claims by French newspaper Le Monde alleging that the mainland had been spying on the organization. The related written account mentioned that IT specialists at the body’s headquarters unraveled a malicious scheme wherein data from their computers was copied to servers in Shanghai. But Chinese envoy Kuang […]

Illegal Teeth Whitening Caused ‘Excruciating Pain’

Some beauty parlors in London are offering unregulated teeth whitening procedures which in some cases are not being done properly, thus leaving patients in excruciating pain. A recent inquiry by BBC on the concern has surfaced facilities that were using excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide beyond the levels stipulated by UK’s General Dental Council. The […]

US Ends Ban on Refugees From ‘High-Risk’ Countries

A US refugee ban that prohibited entry to natives from eleven (most predominantly Muslim) nations has been lifted. New security measures, in the form of risk-based assessments, have however been put in place to scrutinize subjects from the same group before admission. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says these will ensure efforts to exploit the […]

Probe Zuma’s Phone Records, Says Ex-Official

South Africa’s former Public Prosecutor Thuli Madonsela has recently called for a forensic investigation into President Zuma’s phone records by the newly appointed commission of inquiry. Ms. Madonsela was previously the chief of the country’s anti-corruption watchdog. She orchestrated a probing campaign that ultimately surfaced how government contracts and appointments were prevalently being inclined towards […]

Call for Tech Giants to Face Taxes Over Extremist Content

UK’s security minister Ben Wallace is calling for more stringent tax punishments to be subjected to Internet companies not addressing the threat of terrorism within the UK. Wallace’s asserts organizations like Facebook, Google, and Youtube are larking around when it comes to effectively dealing with radical content online, therefore warranting an audacious move from the […]