Turkish Authorities Block Wikipedia Without Giving Reason

Over the weekend, Turkey’s natives were undoubtedly stunned following the discovery that access to Wikipedia had been blocked by the ruling administration. Officials pointed out that it was an “administrative move,” without revealing the main motive behind it. Reports from media have indicated that the state had initially asked Wikipedia to discard terror supporting content […]

Morocco and Algeria Row Over Refugees

Morocco has recently castigated Algeria after the latter expelled fifty five Syrian refugees across the nations’ shared boundaries. The former dubbed the move as an inhumane act, with the rift being the latest between North African rival states. In a press statement, Morocco’s interior division noted that the victims were dispatched across the frontier close […]

Tensions Show as Trump and Merkel Meet For the First Time

The arrant disagreements between US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on global issues were fully manifested when the pair met for the first time at a White House convention. In a joint press conference entailing frequent awkward moments, Trump and Merkel exhibited stark differences while addressing problematic worldly concerns including trade, immigration […]