A Hybrid Policy Paradigm

Politics is often characterized by ideological presumptions of what is best. And, this has repeatedly landed many nations into bad policy. There are usually two notions: that since markets are efficient, they should be the best policy tools or since governments ensure equity, they should be the best tools instead. Today’s challenges regarding policy have […]

Aftermath of Public Policies on Health

The scope of public policy is vague; from laws to government funding, to the implementation of regulatory measures. They also play a vital role in creating a society in which its citizen are given decent, healthy and peaceful life. Health policies are not just strictly affected by health care policies alone, every policy established that are […]

Science Can Mislead Public Policy

In the 80s, an agreement between scientists on matters eugenics resulted in the sterilization of thousands of Americans. It turned out that the consensus was misled, leading to the notion that scientific consensus can sometimes be temporary. This is witnessed in the history of science where a few decisions made it to public policy, only […]

Public Policy Concerns Affecting Pharmacists

It is essential for pharmacists to always stay informed about the regulatory and legislative issues that touch on their practice whether directly or indirectly. In a recent presentation carried out by some members of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), key public policy issues related to pharmacy were addressed. The first is provider status […]


Public policies are principles formed by the government that concerns the society at large. Several factors affect a community. That brings the need to come up with the public policies. The government comes up with the ordinary matters affecting the public and discuss it. Several steps are taken in making system. The administration is formed, […]