Public Policy and the Mental Health Issue

In 2016, about 10.4 million adult persons in the US had a serious mental illness. This issue has frequented the spotlight in the last couple of years, in large part because of the frequent attribution of gun-related crimes to mental health problems. However, more than just being the suspected cause for gun-related violence, mental health […]

A Briefing on Public Policy

Public policies are policies that are developed by the government with the intention of addressing matters that ultimately concern to the general public. A Public policy is formed at the state, city or at a centralized level. The practice of forming a policy covers steps such as identification of a problem, formulation of policy, adoption of a policy, execution […]

Housing is About Our Human Rights

Housing might in this year feature in almost all of UK’s high profile administrative forums, more so because it remains a key constitute within the spheres affecting human rights. A 2017 research undertaking surfaced quite a dire related statistic: more than three hundred thousand British inhabitants were homeless or residing in inadequate housing, with the […]

3 Steps to Turn Your Public Policy Team Into a Sustainability Ally

The public policy sphere has in recent times seen private companies joining in the bandwagon and making significant contributions. The scenario has nonetheless not gone without yielding conflicts with government institutions. Beyond doubt, consistency is needed for the public positions and the private takes to work well and be in-sync. Presented below are takes capable […]

Trump Urges Death Penalty for Drug Dealers

US President Donald Trump is advocating for the death penalty as a viable punishment to drug traffickers, asserting the approach will altogether come in handy in the fight against the related vice. He voiced the proposition during a speech in New Hampshire. Mr. Trump mentioned the administration was trying to alter decrees on the execution […]